Tuesday, 14 October 2014 00:00

Ozric Tentacles Live with Special Guest Mantis Mash

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Ozric Tentacles are, simply put, legends of the UK underground. One of the most influential bands to emerge from the UK's festival scene, "The Ozrics" layer
ambient and ethereal landscapes with freeform dub trips, incredible rave grooves, and psychedelic progressive rock. Their aim is not just to make truly unique and culturally diverse music, but to harmoniously unite all in attendance, and create portals for astral travel. 
Mark EG reviews a forthcoming Gearbox Digital double album, showcasing the future of hard dance and hardstyle.
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 00:00

Agro bouncers

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As a clubber, one of my pet hates is agro bouncers, many of whom act as though they are untouchable. So, I decided to create a sketch of them.

Thursday, 25 September 2014 00:00

Robbie's got his Thing on!

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Robbie Rivera has been smashing the festivals across the US all summer and he does it again with the preview release of his new house bomb, 'The Thing'. The Thing features Robbie's very own PT - Vinny Z!
Leicestershire guys Fred Walker and Alex Jones are the pair that form electronic duo, Adventurer. With a history in the metal scene, the guys have recently turned their hand to producing electronic music and the self confessed ‘nerds’ seem to have found their calling.
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