Thursday, 04 February 2016 09:36

KS Reviews!

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The one and only KS is back to give you the lowdown on some of the best tracks around right now in the scene! If it made it onto his list....then you better get your CVC number ready! Big tunes throughout!!
Thursday, 31 December 2015 18:45

Digital Labz Production Seminar Review

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Bristol based Digital Labz studios have a brilliant reputation within the field of music production and organise periodic seminars for producers to attend to see big industry names spilling the beans on their production secrets. Set in the Cube Theatre in Bristol, the seminar was split into 4 sections which each concentrated on a different aspect of production. Core headed over to find out more...
Thursday, 19 November 2015 14:26

Mampi Swift Interview – History LP Launch

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The Jungle DnB scene is full of characters; it draws people from all walks of life but there aren't many characters that are bigger in stature than Mampi Swift. The man is imposing and impressive in every way but his artistry knocks all of that into the shadows. Core was lucky enough to talk to him recently about his thoughts on the scene and the latest that his label, Charge Recordings, had to offer. Check it out here!
Friday, 13 November 2015 14:24

Hagane Shizuka - Exclusive Core Interview & Mix

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Core is always looking out for different (and new) talent, especially from 'over seas'. So here we have a tech dance DJ and producer for you with a really honest interview. We also pinned him down for an exclusive mix too and boy will it get you shuffling your bum for the weekend! Intrigued? You should be!
Tuesday, 03 November 2015 14:43

KS - Exclusive Core Catch Up!

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Writing this column is so cool!! Core gets to review wicked tracks and artists from the scenes darkest corners; the real underground! This time, I get to interview a really passionate artist – KS. The man even held a world record for his musical feats! Want to know more? Read on!!

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