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Dubstep - Stateside Seismic Style! Featured

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So we all know the dubstep scene is massive in the UK but what's it like across the big pond? We spoke to Enrique to find out more about the Seismic increase in the dubstep following in the US - he's also given Core EXCLUSIVE access to four tracks, bound to get your bum shuffling! Excited much?! Read on!


E: Out here in the States, the dubstep sound seems to be more versatile, having more popularity in the high energy, uptempo sound, as opposed to the wobble type dubstep sound that is its origin roots. While there is a big group who also listen and enjoy that particular sound, the majority of dubstep enthusiasts out in the US prefer the "brostep"  or commercial type dubstep, as in the likes of Excision and Nero. Dubstep has been growing immensely since 2011 in the U.S., with big brands such as Lexus, Microsoft, and Pepsi incorporating dubstep into their television commercials more recently. More and more pop stars have started to incorporate dubstep into their music as well. 
Another thing that is happening, is that more and more EDM festivals and shows, have increasingly added dubstep artists to their lineups. It is not rare anymore to see dubstep artists on any music festival. It is now a common thing to see multiple dubstep artists on most festival lineups.
It basically came in and took over--EVERYTHING! I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are different types of dubstep. Dubstep in its entirety has mass appeal to many different types of people who otherwise wouldn't listen to any type of EDM. For example, it appeals to many hip hop fanatics, due to the basslines, where most of those hip hop listeners would probably not desire to listen to EDM.
The fact that it appeals to so many people, which is a big reason it has had such a fast growth recently. People just love the bass! ...and the energy it brings. Many dubstep artists came from band origins, which makes it even more interesting. The mentality is somewhat different than somebody that did not come from a band background, which I think reflects in the music. I mean a dubstep track can be as calm as a jazz song, and as fierce as a heavy metal song as well. The broad range of possibilities is endless and attractive to many artists and fans.
C: What/who, in your eyes, have been the contributing factors to the dubstep success story?
E: I think the artists of course are the main contributors. Many DnB artists that were kept in the dark due to its small market in the US, decided to go in the dubstep direction and it just so happened to appeal to the masses. Due to this, many DnB artists have made the switch, since they like the music they are making and at the same time are reaching a bigger audience to listen to their art. 
The media has also contributed to the rapid growth of dubstep in the United States. Once Microsoft and Lexus started using dubstep in their television commercials, other companies followed suit. MTV has dubstep all over its channel. Movie trailers use dubstep. The list keeps expanding as more time passes and the genre keeps growing.
Pop artists also have taken notice and by them also incorporating dubstep into their songs, a bigger audience is being reached via the traditional radio waves, making the genre grow even bigger, faster.
C: Describe the scene over there - any DJ's/promotors to look out for?
E: Yes! There are many talented artists out here that people should take notice on if they haven't already. Gangsta Fun and Seismic's Thorn On A Rose are two rising stars, both having their tracks featured and played by some of the biggest names in the genre, as well as doing some collab work. 
There's also the duo, At Dawn We Rage. We have known ADWR from when we first started Seismic. We both have seen each other grow over the years. It is super cool to see how much both of us have grown and accomplished. 
C: You run Seismic Dubstep - tell us more…
E: We started our Seismic Dubstep brand due to the demand we were receiving from various cities asking for dubstep. In order to not confuse people with our Wish Industry brand's music styles (which is more on the tech, tribal, progressive end), Seismic was created. We started Seismic before dubstep became popular in the US, so we've  stayed ahead. We have become good friends with some recognisable dubstep artists from different parts of the world over the years. Its always a good time catching up with them at one of our shows.
We also launched our weekly radio show podcast, Seismic Radio, this past October. We have had an early strong response and keep growing each week. We are open to submissions to those that are interested. We select those that we feel fit best for the show. We like to give talented artists the opportunity and outlet that they would not otherwise have.
We will also be launching the label part of Seismic next month, January 2013. We are expecting big things with it. We have had a good response from artists and fans regarding the addition. We are excited for great things to come in 2013 with the label side of the brand.
We will be expanding into more cities in 2013 as well. The US Midwest and East Coast get ready for some craziness!
C: You're starting a more regular monthly event in November, soon to be followed by the creation of the label - how/why did this all come about?
E: Monthly events are how we originally started Seismic. We started Seismic in Salt Lake City, Utah actually and are now returning to where it all started. We are really excited to return. Salt Lake City is always a good time and the vibe there is incredible! We are looking forward to bringing Seismic Dubstep each month with incredible talent. We always enjoy the people at our events and the love we receive. Salt Lake City knows how to party!
We also have two of Seismic's artists that reside in Salt Lake City: ShortBus & Decent ID. Both are respected and recognized Salt Lake City artists and represent Seismic at its best.  We take even more joy when we are able to produce an event where one or more of our artist's resides.
We are also planning monthly events in other cities around the US, as well as have plans for various Seismic tours throughout the year.
As far as the label is concerned, the label idea came about because our own Seismic artists wanted to release their music under the Seismic label. DC, one of our Seismic artists from San Francisco, California, and has been a great force along with Seismic label manager, Thorn On A Rose to helping this develop. DC has many tracks just waiting to be released under the Seismic label, so be on the lookout for those. We think our fans and supporters will enjoy the music we release. We have a lot of big plans for the label. 
C: Where do you draw your influences/inspiration from? 
E: Our staff, children and smiles. As a collective, we feed off each other, which acts simultaneously as a motivator. We work at a quick pace, so we don't let anyone fall behind. We give each other that extra push when anyone feels they need it. This company culture we created helps us accomplish many projects with minimal time. We love what we do, so we are always looking into ways to improve and develop an even stronger brand.
As far as why children, well they are fearless and always keep trying until they find a solution to what they are trying to figure out. I take that same approach. There's no reason to be afraid of many things in this world. Fear hinders performance in almost anything. The best thing to do is to give your best at what you do and not let fear hinder your progress. Children don't know what it is or isnt giving their best, so by default they are probably always giving their best to accomplish whatever feat . If you think about it, we accomplished some pretty difficult feats as children: walking, talking, reading...just to name a few. 
About smiles, I like to see people smile and see joy in their faces. That inspires me to create what would produce even more smiles and enjoyment. It feels rewarding to see people have a good time.
C: What can we expect from the monthly events? 
E: Lots of great times, established and new, emerging artists, reasonable cover, and a great vibe! The vibe is the most important thing at any event.
C: You're also part of Music Art Life…can you tell us a bit more about that? What are the aims/intentions for the future?
E: Music Art Life has brought together several individuals involved in nightlife culture, across several cities, to provide nightlife customers with impeccable events and create a distinguished ambience at some of these cities most decorative, upscale, swank venues. Our quest is to bring back the art of nightlife; from the music aspect of the scene to the complete image of our venues. We are here to take the artistry of nightlife to a new perception and to a new stage. Our goal is for the customer to experience a complete new approach in music and style. Music Art Life strives (for its events and its thoughtfully selected venues), to be cemented in the minds of its patrons as a unique and memorable experience.
We have profound industry roots and believe the only way you authentically know nightlife is if you have been involved on the business side of it. We encompass 
over 50 years of combined experience and expertise in the entertainment/hospitality industry. Our distinct and resourceful 
team extends across the nation.  By integrating together various sectors of the 
entertainment/hospitality industry, this gives us the innovation and mastery for a family of brands. MUSIC ART LIFE consists of  the brands:
- Wish Industry
- Seismic Dubstep
- Perfekt Entertainment
- Party In The Gaslamp
The core staff consists of Arielle, Blair, Carolyn, and myself. (See picture above)
Photo credit (from left to right: Arielle, Enrique, Blair, not pictured Carolyn) picture by Jahn Benjamin
We are planning various tours under multiple brands, as well as being part of some big festivals this upcoming year. 
We have also partnered up with Cachetown, an event based scavenger hunt in augmented reality. By partnering with Cachetown were able to enhance the effectiveness or our reach through gamification, on location using an augmented reality experience for our patrons and sponsors. We can work with event sponsors and partners to package up an experience that goes beyond the traditional medium we all have access to this day. Music Art Life identifies opportunities like this and leverages its ability to further the reach of our valued sponsors and event goers.
Music Art Life
Event | Branding – Production – Development
“Creating Culture Through Music & Events”
Any exclusives for Core? ;o)
YES! We have four exclusive tracks for Core Magazine from Gangsta Fun, Thorn On A Rose, ShortBus, and Decent ID. There is something for eveyones' taste.
Wire Hangers VIP - Gangsta Fun
Stuntin - Thorn On A Rose
Thats Right - ShortBus
Chromatics VIP - Decent ID
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