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Tuesday, 21 August 2012 21:13

Interview with Jo Savage: Winner of Core's 2012 Top 50 Female DJ's Poll

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Core talks to the winner or our TOP 50 FEMALE ARTIST POLL...





<b>First we’d like to wish you a huge well done on winning our poll. You were up against some huge competition from all over the globe.

For those of us new to you as an artist please tell us about yourself?</B>


I was introduced to the happy hardcore scene in 1992 and just fell in love with the music. I loved all the happy vibes and the ravers. My first ever rave that I went to was the Colosseum in Stockton. I got my first big break in 1999 at an event called Afterdark in Sunderland. I also remember setting up Chix Wiv Dex with DJ Little Miss Naughty. We played at many venues across the North East for two years. 


<B>What would you say makes a good artist stand out from the crowd?</B>


A talented artist knows how to connect with the crowd. You also have to develop your own style and stick to it. Play for the crowd, rock your dance floor, know your scene inside out (events, new releases, old classics) etc.


<B>Where can we see you play in 2012?</B>

You can see me play at:

Xstatica (monthly residency) – Stockton: Old skool, happy hardcore, and UK core.

Hanger 13 – Newcastle: Old skool, happy hardcore.

DOD – Newcastle: Old skool, happy hardcore.

Tribal Church – Sunderland: Old skool, happy hardcore.

Club Vision – Longbenton: UK core.

Totally 'ardcore – Bristol: UK Core, Happy Hardcore.

Hard Times - Weston-Supermare: UK core.

Absolution – Newcastle: Hardteck.

I also play live and direct on:<B> www.globaldance.biz</B> four to six times a week and have recently been signed to Pure DJ’s so may be found in a club near you. :-))


<B>Where would you like to DJ most in the world and why?</B>

My main goal would be to play at HTID In The Sun in Loret de Mar, Spain. I would also love the chance to play at Raindance, Fantazia, Vibealite, Dominator and any generally any global hard event that would be interested in booking me.


<B>What other DJs/producers inspire you the most?</B>


When i first started mixing in 1996, I was inspired by happy hardcore: Sharky, Hixxy, Dougal, Vinylgroover, Gamma, and Mark EG. Currently I’m really enjoying playing tunes from the likes of Hoodzie, Anon, Re-con, Mark Smith, Chase & Status, Kurt, and Jamie Ritman.


<B>Have you any plans for this year that you can reveal to our readers? </B>


Watch this space: I've been loving the studio recently. :-)


<B>When you're not behind the decks, how do you like to spend your time?</B>

I own Global Dance Radio which I set up while living in Dubai. In 2006 hard underground music was not accepted in mainstream clubs in Dubai, so I had to do something to keep in touch with the DJ’s and scene (I would've gone crazy without my UK core and hard beats). I also do my own promotion for Xstatica which takes up most of my time: booking DJs, making the flyers, and promoting the event.


<B>If you were not a DJ, what else would you be?</B>


I could not imagine doing anything outside of DJ-ing. I was born into music as my Mother and Father were both musicians. I spent some time working as a promoter in the early 90's for the likes of Vibealite, Helter Skelter, Dizstruction, Rezzurection, and also worked in Essential Records; an independent dance music specialist shop in Stockton selling all genres of music, for 5 years.


<B>What advice could you pass on to others who are just starting out in music?</B>

Educate yourself, keep ahead of technology, and don’t get left behind.

Find your own style, stick to it, and work hard within the scene. Always give something back. Create your own 'Rave Family': this creates longevity, the longer you are about, the better known you become. Finally, never give up on your hopes and dreams. 


<B>Find the exclusive mix by Jo Savage here:</B>


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