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Sick New Remix EP Straight From The Slaughterhouse Featured

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Core caught up with MikeWave from Polish Label Sick Slaughterhouse for a chat this week. Here's what he had to say about clubbing in Poland, Lazy Rich, being Far Too Loud, having a Fast Foot and what it takes to be a Rabbit Killer....


Hi Mike, it's great that you've taken time out of your busy schedule to chat to Core today...
Hey, mate. No worries.  Thanks a lot for your invitation! Yeah, I’m often busy but I can definitely find some time to answer some good questions as most frequently I get too many dumb ones everywhere eh?
You run Sick Slaughterhouse - can you give us a bit more information?
Yes, I do. Well 3 years ago in January 2010 when I was barely anyone in the scene I got to know Sweet Cheat and Andy from Total Label Management and just thought I would try to set up a record label. I actually think that if not Sweet Cheat or me then SSH would have never been set up. Anyway, I never thought SSH would be growing so fast and would receive support from pretty everyone in the scene, including Tiesto, Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Dada Life, Dirtyloud, Gregori Klosman, Starkillers, Tim Healey, Elite Force, Zedd, Blatta & Inesha and others, but I guess hard work pays off, right? The first year was not easy at all but both Kuba (Sweet Cheat) and I were just working very very hard and we also were lucky enough to work with some friendly and kind producers, such as Lazy Rich, Alex Kidd (USA), Electric Soulside, Filthy Rehab, Roy RosenfelD, Lucky Date and Aniki who seriously helped us a lot to start off! Then in 2011 we started working with Fast Foot and that was a real breakthrough indeed! Kuba discovered them but it was actually me who was talking to them day and night to make sure their releases would turn out as hits.  I then decided to offer Fast Foot the management under my label and then I did the same with Rabbit Killer who was discovered, in turn, by me. Anyway signing Fast Foot and Rabbit Killer to SSH was the most amazing move and I would undoubtedly do this again. The Fast Foot originals were receiving so much support that seriously, almost everyone wanted to remix them, the result of which we ended up with remixes from big guys, such as Lazy Rich, Electrixx, Electric Soulside, Alex Kidd (USA), Darth & Vader, Alex Mind, Keemerah, Revolvr & Donald Glaude, DJ Exodus, Paul Anthony, FTampa and a few more outstanding artists. Almost all those remixes were super successful. Then I got “yes” from Calvertron and Digital Freq to remixing Rabbit Killer and all that brought a substantial boost and amount of success to SSH. SSH also signed the UK legends Lee Mortimer and Will Bailey! Also, in fact, I was surprised that people would get to love Rabbit Killer that much but that was really great and now the guy is selling madly well at Beatport! Then in 2012 SSH was already a well established record label so things were not that difficult any longer. Further cooperation with Fast Foot and Rabbit Killer was very fruitful. SSH managed to sign some huge artists, such as JELO, Hatiras, Hirshee and, of course, Far Too Loud! The only problem was that Kuba stopped devoting himself to the label and for the last two years it has been me who has to supervise and be in charge of almost everything… Anyway I am extremely proud of SSH and must say that it is now more than what I did dare to dream of in the past.
How did Sick Slaughterhouse first come about?
Well I was on good terms with Kuba and suddenly asked him about setting up a label. He was really up for it and we just thought it was worth a try, you know? I contacted Andy (TLM) and he helped me a lot. Andy is a super helpful guy. Kuba and me made use of all of our connections at that time and we just made it. In fact, it was the first Electro House record label in Poland and what is sad is that it is still the only one….but that’s another story! If there is ever another one, though, then I am sure it will not be too successful, unless a real miracle is going to happen.
Can you give us an insight into the music industry in Poland? What's the scene like over there?
Honestly, the scene here is pathetic. I am ashamed of the fact how things are here, especially as I talk to my artists from all over the world and they keep telling me things I will probably never be able to tell them in return. The scene here is very weak, generally speaking. You won’t find any good producer of electro house or dubstep in Poland. People do not buy music here and there are far too many sites with illegal music, which is a real shame and nightmare if you ask me. Talking about the events, we have quite a few but I wouldn’t say that’s enough. UMF in Poland was cancelled and that was a real shame! Actually, talking about the clubbing here, it is just seriously pathetic… There is way too much commercial music in clubs here and it is hard to attend a good party for me. People have lots of places to party and the clubs are really good but the music in those clubs is not really quality, people still party well but they have no idea of what could be played instead of those pseudo-hits, you know? The problem is that (pseudo)-big stars for Polish promoters are most frequently old, commercial or even hilarious (pseudo)-artists and this, unfortunately, results in the fact that clubbers in Poland start cherishing wrong people and this is just wrong and sad to me! This is what I think, especially as I am who I am and it is a real disappointment for someone who is not a retarded pirate or a dumb blondie!!
You've been involved with some pretty big names, who are they and how did the collaborations come about?
Well SSH has worked with lots of awesome artists and I have already mentioned lots of them but I would like to refer to just a few now. First of all, I must say that I am honoured with the fact that Lazy Rich has done four remixes for SSH so far. That’s just crazy! The guy is actually my personal number one. I used to just be a huge fan only but now we talk very frequently and we keep working with each other and helping each other anytime, too. I must admit that I do owe him and I cannot express how grateful I am to him for his kindness. You won’t find too many 'human' artists in the game these days. By 'human', I mean people who are not snobbish. Most frequently such successful artists are hard to deal with. I would like to mention Far Too Loud, too. The guy is like hyper-difficult to sign and most labels will confirm this in private chats. I find him a genuine artist with passion who cannot be bought. Not to mention that his skills are just mad and there is no one else whose skills would be that ridiculous. I have already mentioned Fast Foot and Rabbit Killer. Fast Foot are such awesome guys and to work with them is a pleasure. I personally like dealing with Electric Soulside, Electrixx and FTampa as they are really cool too. Actually, I managed to sign all these big names just by e-mailing them, contacting them by means of social networks or by talking to them on Skype on the regular basis. Reputation is everything, though! 
You've got a new EP out  - Terminate. Tell us more…who is involved?
The EP is just the SSH's biggest release ever! The EP is the culmination of the hard work and tears of building Sick Slaughterhouse into the label it is today. From the very inception of SSH, I wanted to pair two of the most dominant Electro House producers in the world today onto one ultimate EP. The Far Too Loud and Lazy Rich remixes of Terminate by Fast Foot, Electric Soulside and myself are the reflection of my innermost dream and mean the world to me. This is, in fact, the release I have been dreaming about for the last few years and I'm seriously proud of it and now it's finally out so I'm like super excited and will seriously appreciate everyone’s support at Beatport. Oli and Rich are my personal main idols and they remixed by own collab track with my close friends on my own label so the feeling is just amazing! Not to mention that the release got a banner in the Electro House section now and both the SSH and Fast Foot charts with the tracks inside were featured on front page, too. I am just super happy about all this, man. Original Mix sold pretty awesomely but I am sure the remixes will sell even better!
What was the inspiration behind the EP?
Well I just wanted to make a track with Electric Soulside and Hoody brothers were very keen. It came out naturally. Then I thought I would join forces with Fast Foot as I talk to them daily and help them a lot with their own productions. The collaboration turned out as a great one and was immediately supported by Oli and Rich. Even though they loved the song it was not easy to make them remix it. They are really busy guys and signing them requires lots of commitment at a label’s end. But I made it as I had to make it to fulfill my wildest dream.
What and who motivates you as an artist?
Hmmm, I do not find myself as a good artist yet. That’s probably because I work with so many outstanding artists who are way better than me. I think that motivation comes naturally and suddenly, you can’t and shouldn’t look for it, it will come to you when it’s time. The Fast Foot, Lazy Rich and Far Too Loud music is my motivation.
What's next for Sick Slaughterhouse?
Honestly, I set my heart on this “Terminate (Remixes)” release and had been working (so to speak) on it for a few months. Next releases, though, are probably going to be remix EPs for I.N.C.O.G.N.I.T.O., America, Musical Possession, Electric Foot and Idol. For example, Jan Waterman’s remix for America is huge! Also, Breakdown are currently working on their remix for Rabbit Killer’s song. I still need to think and work more on the releases. They need to be quality as always. The Best Of 2012 release is going to be released at the very end of the year, too.You should also know that I have recently hired my best friend Mike as an intern at SSH and he’s gonna help me with all the production matters now.
Where can Core readers grab a copy of Terminate?
Beatport, of course! Here is the link: 
Please go grab your own copies off the site and do not look for illegal links as that would be a sign of disrespect to everyone’s hard work on it. I work on taking down all the illegal links now, though I am a real nightmare for all the pirates ha ha!
Anyway thanks for the interview, I do appreciate your support, we'll speak again soon, hopefully ;o)
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