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Timo Maas talks 2010

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Until this year, the acclaimed 2003 compilation ‘Music for the Masses’ was the pinnacle of Timo Maas’ DJ career. But after a phone call from the makers of the infamous ‘Balance Series’ that all changed, with the release of the double CD ‘Balance 017’. Core talks to Timo Maas about why he did the mix and his plans for 2011.

‘I had offers to do a compilation in 2005 but was busy releasing my last artist album,’ he tells us. ‘Balance is one of those rare opportunities where the makers really allow you to express yourself. They told me whatever I had planned was no problem.

Today’s market is not like it was years ago. You simply don’t sell as many physical numbers as you used to. But the Balance series has been a runaway success with recent artists such as Joris Voorn and Will Saul using it as a vehicle to showcase their eclectic tastes in music. Timo had a similar objective.

As well as owning a farm in Germany, Timo is in the lucky position that he’s got a Function One system in his back yard. When he really wants to listen to music he simply fires up the speakers, cranks up the volume and transports himself into a completely different world.

‘I’m from the old school,’ he says, ‘and for me it’s about the music, not about how skilled I am using programmes on my laptop. When I see someone with a laptop now, most of them don’t even use headphones anymore! They watch the screen the whole time and the interaction with the crowd has gone. It should be about how you rock the people with what you play.’

More and more artists are thinking ‘outside of the box’ and taking music further than ever before. Timo Maas is one of these artists to watch next year. Grab yourself a copy of his Balance 017 mix album and you’ll see exactly why.

Words: Mark EG

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