Thursday, 13 August 2015 16:24

The Free Spirit Festival - 23rd August

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This week we need to let you know about a great new micro festival - Free Spirit Festival. This looks like it's going to be an awesome 500 capacity event with a great line up. We catch up with Steve one of the organisers to find out more and of course give you a couple of exclusive mixes especially for Core Mag to get you in the mood.
Eclectic New Dance Album Helps Animals In Need
BoomTown Fair have kick started six weeks of intensive line up announcements with the bass heavy playground of DSTRKT 5. As the festival is made up of eight very different 'districts' which celebrate a variety of individual music genres and cultures from ska to jungle, reggae to folk and a whole load more in between and beyond, the line ups are released district by district.
Saturday, 17 January 2015 16:20

Extreme Revolution Presents ‘Scream’

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Friday 30th January sees an amazing night of hard trance lined up for your aural pleasure guys. When it comes to banging nights, Extreme Revolution knows how to party. Check out 'Scream'...
On Friday 30th January 2015, 100% Promotions are bringing you a massive fundraising rave with 3 rooms of the best in drum & bass, hardcore, hardstyle, hard trance and old skool. All profit will go to KDARS, a new organisation, which helps children that suffer with Kidney Diseases and their families. You are being offered 18+ HEADLINERS for just £6!...THIS is worth a read guys!

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