Saturday, 10 January 2015 02:05

Underground Acid. Mark EG Interview. EG-303.

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Over the last 6 months, underground UK DJ Mark EG and his new musical prodigy Dutti Breakz have been planning an assault on the acid techno industry. After their first release on their new label EG303, they are presently No 1, No 2 and No 3 in the official acid techno charts. They have so much more to come. Core interviews Mark EG to find out more.
Tuesday, 06 January 2015 15:17

Giuseppe Ottaviani - Liverpool

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The last single to come from the 'Magenta' albums' track run arrives daisy fresh from its summer-released 'LIVE' expansion pack. After a raft of vocal & production collaborations with Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila and a long list of other luminaries, 'Liverpool' finds Giuseppe in solo mode... and thunderous form.
Hibernate and Victoria Gydov team up to bring you 'Lux Tua', a breathtaking integration of opera and progressive house. The track is released simultaneously with an official music video, and is available now, everywhere.
Monday, 05 January 2015 08:29

Henrix And Darmon ‘Reaper’ Out Today

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Miami based Henrix single 'Reaper' is released today on Sultan and Ned Shepard's Harem Records.
Sunday, 04 January 2015 13:00

DSYFA Clothing Launch ‘Ascension Project’

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When it comes to UK brand clothing, DSYFA are really starting to make their mark. Inspired by hidden knowledge, codes and symbols within nature and history, they showcase visually interesting and intelligent designs.

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