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Coming September the Legendary DJ Funk is celebrating 20 years in the game. For the occasion he will be releasing a greatest hits album the 5th of September and touring Europe and the UK in October.
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The Thrillseekers - This Is All We Have

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Steve Helstrip, AKA The Thrillseekers, is back with a production which he describes as his 'best track since Synaesthesia'. Quite a bold statement, right? He wrote 'This Is All We Have' after losing his father at the start of the year, so we're in for an emotional journey with this one, that's for sure.
Music Raiser, a popular music crowd funding site in Italy, has received over €1,000,000 in contributions so far and that figure continues to grow.The site generates revenue from its prolific list of artists and bands looking to receive funding for a pre-planned project. As interest of the crowdfunding model has increased it has attracted the attention of investment.
Heavy-hitting drum and bass label DISPATCH RECORDINGS return to London for their first-ever solo show, following up from their recent onslaught of upfront releases, including SCAR (Survival & Scripts') massive 'Call To Arms' EP and Kolectiv, Dexta & Mauoqs' 'The Roots EP'.
It's not often you find one of the top DJ's in the world giving away a commercially released mix FOR FREE - but this is precisely what's he's doing here! #HTM (Hard Trance Music) is his latest statement for the future, including no less than THIRTEEN BRAND NEW TRACKS that simply rock the floor! Read on.

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