Tuesday, 21 December 2010 17:51

Vincenzo & Pooley team up

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Steve Bug’s delicious house label Dessous Recordings has reached its 100th release and it sees Vincenzo teaming up with German production legend Ian Pooley.

Other artists that have released through Bug’s imprint include Kevin Yost, D’Julz, John Dahlbäck, Solomun and many others. Entitled ‘The Calling’ it’s sure to be special.

See for yourself on 13th December when it is released!

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Mark EG

Mark is a legendary DJ/Producer in the UK techno/rave movement. His recognition and awards are well documented ( but his is journalistic interest started in the early 90's - editing the techno section for cult rave magazine Eternity. He soon became Assistant Editor for Wax Magazine and went on to write for M8. He also runs Blackout Audio recordings and produces music under various psuedonyms including The Anxious. 

His music tastes span from early Chicago house to techno, minimal, breakcore and eveything in between. In his spare time, Mark takes his dog Cody for long walks in the country and doesn't come back for days.

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