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You've Got Talent Season One: Electro house WINNER!

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Here's the results of our electro-house producer/DJ You've Got Talent search. We’re taking each category in turn and announcing the winners over the next week or so. Finally we’ll choose an overall winner. However each winner from each category will be interviewed for the main magazine. Massive thanks to Amber D’Amour for the help in judging the Producer section here for us. Enjoy!


Disco's Over

Great production. Great use of Massive VST. Nice slap bass! Alot of great elements to this. Good work.           

Skrillex - Kill Everybody (DJ Triex Bootleg)

I like this... great take on the original, but a bit too choppy in places and slightly too disjointed.  Great ideas though and never boring!           


MÄIKI – Duels Of Fate

I am in love with the opera vocals. This is dark but accessible. Being from a classical background, this track is right up my street! The small rap snippet keeps it current too. Love the dubby break. Great complextro track.          

Bassfactor aka Conspiracy Factor - Cupcakes? Oh Yeah!

A bit too raw but some great elements.... hope this track gets revisited and a little more added to it.  Nice and deep elements to this.

Bassfactor - If It Feels Right, Do It

As with Cupcakes, some great elements, but it needs bringing to a more "3D" depth.

Torque - Total Control

Just sounds like slowed down Hard Dance.  Not really what I would call electro.  But its a decently produced track           

Syko - Wonkee Digit (Friendly Edit)

This has some good elements, but a bit dated. And things don't really gel together too well.  I do like the big beat/nu disco feel to it though.  Maybe a female vocal would have brought this track alive? Nice work though. Changes a bit too much through out the track too. Keep to a few simple ideas, and elaborate on those.         

Benny Aims- Aint No Sunshine

I'm sorry but I have no words for this.         

Morgan Page - The Longest Road (Bassfactor Bootleg)

I like this. It's a solid remix. Not heard the original though, but I like this and the production is decent.          

Colour - Syncopation

I like the idea of this track, but its a bit too busy. And there are parts that are in augmented structure and then the bass is in a minor key. I'm not sure if that's the point, but it just makes the track sound messy a little. And its disjointed on the jazzy breaks. But overall a fun track!


DJ Byron B 'Electro Mix'

Some good music here and some good mixing, but the mix @ 6.30 really lets it down from the off. Simply taking volume faders down like that is just not good enough these days. It gets quite rockin later on but again, just let down in places. 6/10          

M!$$Y J - Electro to leave you feelin VIOLATED!

This came a close second. The mixing is clever, tight and it’s all well programmed. The volume levels gel together very well and there’s been a lot of thought put into the mix. A really cool name too – watch out for DJ M!$$Y! 9/10

BreakinPoint - Harz is Calling 2k12

Different sounding electro house, with a definite slant towards techno, we like this but some of the transitions could be slightly smoother. There are a variety of styles on here to keep up with so if you have an open mind, you’ll love this! 7/10           

DJ Byron B - Electro Rushh

This is similar to his other mix above, slightly better. There needs to be a little more attention to the ‘blending’. 6/10           

Mikey Martin – Electro House Mix

Some great music on here but sometimes the dymanics change to drastically – watch the volume levels and think more about the ‘blend’ in the programming. Not bad though and worth checking out! 6/10

Mikey Martin - Electro - House Mix 4

Mikey’s programming has improved massively here! Amazing what a difference four mixes can make J. We think things could still do with improvement but still a good 60 minutes worth of music. 7/10

DJ Rockit – Inside The Monster Maker

Electro, house and breaks are always a great combination and this is no exception. This guy can mix and mix well. The mix is constantly evolving, changing, keeping you interested. Really great job DJ Rockit! 9/10


DJ Rockit – Lust Love And Laserbeams

Massive breaktro sound with some of the dirtiest stuff going on in the mix we’ve heard in a long time! Rockit has again produced a quality mix that you could imagine being played at some massive events. Top draw and our favourite mix in the category! 9/10

DJ Byron B – Big House Electro

See above!






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