Core Mag catches up with Sound Designer Joe Hanley and we talk about his new product Syntorial.
Monday, 03 March 2014 16:30

Producing Using Only A Home Computer Or Laptop

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With the ever rapid advancement of technology, faster processors, high quality soundcards and plug-ins, a huge range of midi-controllers and fully automated DAW’s, it seems these days that writing solely within your home computer is very much the favoured approach for a lot of people. So do I really need a studio or is my computer enough?

Music production is big business these days and with the wealth of content available on the market, it’s essential that your productions sound watertight.  With this in mind, Zulu Records head honchos My Digital Enemy have just produced and released Zulu’s first foray into the sample market, the pack weighs in with a mighty 226 essential bass, synth, drum and vocal loops that you’d need to produce your own quality house music. We caught up with the guys to find out more about their pack and the production tools market.

Mark EG ( hits the BPM DJ Conference and reviews the Magma Riot DJ Backpack XL for Core Magazine. Made from super-strong tarpaulin, this is an essential DJ bag to keep your equipment safe and sound whilst travelling.

Mark EG ( exclusively interviews the guys from Novation at the BPM DJ/Music Conference for Core Magazine ( about their upcoming Launchkey and Launchpad iPhone/iPad Apps (which won the DJ Tech Award 2013) and Launch Controllers including the Launchkey25, LaunchpadS, Launchkey Mini and Launchpad Mini, Launch Control. If you're after a general overview of the Launch Series, this should help you make your mind up!

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